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Our mission has always been to provide our clients with the best possible locations for their vision.  We pride ourselves in our ability to comprehensively understand and deliver the brief.  

From initial planning and scouting to managing the day to day running of the shoot, filming on location can be a logistical minefield. We provide a one stop solution to ensure that the locations are the one part of your production you don't have to worry about.


With over 29 years experience in the business, we have an extensive knowledge of locations all around the world.  Our highly trained scouts provide high quality location images so your creative team can make an informed decision.  


Once the location has been chosen, our team will ensure the permitting process and management on the ground is undertaken efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.  Every location has it's challenges. Our problem solving expertise in such a wide range of scenarios allows you to focus on the other production headaches.


Over the years, we have scouted and managed locations for all types of productions from feature films to fashions shoots and in every corner of the planet.  We are therefore uniquely placed to understand the workings of different types of media in order to deliver seamless results every time.

  • Location Scouting

  • Fee & Contract Negotiations

  • Site Surveys & Plans

  • Liaison with Local Councils & Police

  • Permits & Licenses

  • Liaison with Businesses & Residents

  • Insurance

  • Parking Suspensions

  • Coning & Street Clearance

  • Road Controls/ Closures

  • Traffic Management

  • Set Security & Crowd Control

  • Matterports

  • Maps & Directions

  • Location Equipment

  • Dining Trailers

  • Welfare Facilities

  • ​​Technical Parking Permits

  • Crew Parking

  • Unit Bases & Unit Management

  • Location Protection

  • Repair & Re-instatement

  • Structural Surveys

  • Specialist Safety Teams

  • Rope Access Teams

  • Health & Safety Risk Assessments

  • Temporary Access Roads

  • Rubbish Clearance

  • Eco Lighting

  • Power, Water and Fuel Supplies

  • Weather Reports

  • Make-up & Costume Rooms

  • Crowd Holding Areas

  • Tents & Marquees

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